Monday, 1 February 2016

SOLO Taxonomy - Day 2

Hooked on SOLO Maps

Essentially the maps are strategies they are not SOLO.  They are strategies to help children understand the academic language of school (General Language of Learning).

All maps can link with other maps interconnecting into one big map.

When introducing children to the maps do not use complicated material  this will cause cognitive overload.  Keep it simple such as what you did in the holidays.  Give the children several experiences using the same map.  You may focus on one map for a long period of time before introducing a new map.  Ensure that they understand what its purpose is and when it would be appropriate to use it.

Children may get to the stage where they are creating their own maps.  By scaffolding the process by providing them the symbols for bringing in ideas, connecting ideas and taking them somewhere else, then children are able to build their own.

An important note is no to forget what rich teaching is.  Give the children those experiences, let them explore, get their hands dirty.  Do not start with the map!

Time to play in the sandpit and work on a range of map.


The first map that we are attempting is define.

Cause & Effect

Prediction Map

Generalisation Map